Pressefoto // Klick für Druckauflösung // Credit: Moritz Freudenberger

Anlässlich des 20-jährigen Städtepartnerschaftsjubiläums mit der polnischen Stadt Goldap spielt Better Person am 28. April beim HSF.

As the sun begins to set later and the days grow dark and bitter, Better Person (the moniker of musician Adam Byckowski) announced his long awaited debut EP It’s Only You and premiered a new song, the weather appropriate Everything Cold. Inspired by winter days in his former apartment, an icy top floor flat on Berlin’s Pannierstrasse where he would stay up late and spend his days alone. About the song, Byckowski explains, “It just describes a certain mood i was in at the time. The first version of the song was just a classic pop ballad, with almost no beat and a saxophone solo. I came back to it a few months later and changed it completely, turned it into a reggae song. My friend Karolini played the guitar part and Sean Savage sang some backing vocals on it. It’s my favourite song on the EP.”
Better Person’s enigmatic stage presence is matched by his elusiveness as a recording artist: while he’s already toured with the wonderful Canadians TOPS and Timber Timbre, and as keyboard/ guitarist with Sean Nicholas Savage, at six tracks It’s Only You is his longest release, encompassing the critically acclaimed singles “Sentiment” and “I Wake Up Tired.”

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